Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He's French, he should have just surrendered

On Saturday, Jeremie Aliadiere picked up a red card for slapping Javier Mascherano across the face. For the red card, Aliadiere picked up a 3 match ban for violent conduct. Feeling that the card was unjustified, 'Boro appealed to the FA.

The result--an extra game out for Aliadiere because of a frivolous appeal.

Here, if you let the video load and load and load, you can see the slap at the 7:20 mark. Start the video, go get a snack, and come back.

Liverpool fc v Middlesbrough fc

Whoa. Pretty impressive, huh? That was the kind of slap my wife gives me when I've said something disgusting, but funny. Not menacing, but "get out of my face". There, now you know too much of my home life.

Honestly, I have no idea why 'Boro felt the need to contest the red card. Sure, Mascherano baited him into it, but a red card for a slap or hit to the face is a 3 game suspension. Better luck next time, fellas, and make sure you don't book a tour of Australia with this guy.

[Ed. Note: this isn't our only Middlesbrough story today. I know, EPL fans, calm thine excitement.]

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