Friday, February 29, 2008

Traveling: The Titus Bramble of Blogging

I'm on the rag road. True to form, I draw the one person on the flight who needs the seatbelt extension as a neighbor, then my rental car company downgrades me because they are out of cars. Now, I'm borrowing time on a friend's computer with one of those split ergonomic keyboards and it has taken me 37 minutes to write these three sentences.

At least it's fucking sunny and warm where I am.

Anyway, I'm running late for the rehearsal dinner and none of this has anything to do with football, but they're gonna play games tomorrow no matter where the fuck I am, so I am going to live up to my voluntary responsibilities, goddammit!

I think there are a couple of midweek games. I know there is at least one as I rearranged my fantasy line-up to include Captain Collar-Pop. Seeing how much guff I've given the Scousers around here, I'm pretty sure this ends poorly. I think Chelski might also have a midweeky, but I'm not sure. So I'm just going to cushion the number of "predictions" this week and I'll look like a genius come Wednesday.

4-1 (*The Mancs are on fire)


Ian said...

4-1 is definitely going to be the score at the Craven Cottage tomorrow, right? Maybe Duece with a duece, EJ with his inaugural, and a classy finish from Brian McBride? Sweet

/delusional USA fanboy

Josh said...

There is zero chance Titus Bramble knows how to operate a computer

MoonshineMike said...

Titus Bramble? Computer?

You know what a problem is? Being in a bar in Pittsburgh where the keg of Iron City was not cold enough to drink from. Now, that is troubling.