Friday, February 29, 2008

Wayne Rooney Is Not Destined to Master Fingertapping

Well, yet another great week of posts here at UF. Big round of applause for everyone.

All that's left is to ask: What do Eddie Van Halen and Wayne Rooney have in common? Apparently nothing. The Sun "reported" yesterday that Rooney is giving up guitar in favor of learning drums.

I guess it's the bang-bang-banging of a drum kit that really interested him, considering his infant-like faculties.

Said the bulldog-ish one:

"I've been trying to learn to play the guitar but it's doing my head in. It's really hard!"
A United source said on the subject:
"Wayne had mentioned how difficult it was to read the music and get his fingers right for all the chords. He is a determined character but this is one battle even he thinks he might not be able to win. He fancies a drum kit — but his neighbours might not be pleased to hear that."
That's right, Wayne Rooney having trouble learning the same instrument that Noel Gallagher plays. Does this make Man City 1, United 0? Maybe.

Rooney shouldn't have given up so quickly. Everyone knows that guitarists get all the chicks.

[Ed. Note: you also hear far more "drummer jokes" than guitarist jokes]

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jjf3 said...

this is like learning Pacman Jones prefers $30 lapdances over VIP rooms and $200 champagne bottles.

Hey, he's merely dumber than a brick...well, that's what I'd expected...