Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chelsea fans are wonderful

Chelsea fans always rise to the occasion, making us wish they hadn't

Well, in order to fulfill the clause in my blogging contract that states I must make fun of Chelsea at least once every 48 hours or so, I bring you this biased nugget from big-time Spurs blog Harry Hotspur.

It's a series of quotes lifted verbatim [according to Harry, and who am I to disbelieve or spend more than 10 minutes researching?] from a Chelsea supporters' forum called CFCnet that demonstrate the unbridled joy and passion of being a Blues fan.

The recurring joke around the UF water cooler concerns the lack of heart displayed by most Chelsea fans, mainly because so many of their current fan base jumped on that glorious Russian bandwagon known as the Roman Express.

Sure, they loved the glory seasons a couple of years ago, all draped in blue ribbons and trophies and glamour and the inspired play of a not-useless Frank Lampard.

However, in the wake of Mourinho's rather farcical backstabbing and departure from the club, their fans are as dull and lifeless as Avram Grant himself.

After the jump, a few choice quotes that I'm sworn are true. And if they're not, well, you're obviously forgetting that this is the blogosphere. We can post anything!

[Addendum: speaking of dull and lifeless, Afonso Alves managed no goals and no real chances in 71 awful minutes for Boro against Sheffield United in the FA Cup tonight. He was subbed off, replaced by Tuncay midway through the 2nd half, and left the pitch in his home stadium to a rather loud chorus of boos. I love it when things go as I predicted.]

"I know people that go now who didn't bother in the days of struggle and only started going when we were started to have success.I don't go so much now but when I have travelled away, I've been shocked to see how watered down our support has become." - footynut

"I was in block 525, can safely say it was only the two of us singing, and only about twice did we catch onto a song from behind the goal underneath. I stood up with Carefree after they one joined in except two blocks in the next block, and when they sang about our support, I looked around, and no one seemed bothered at all about a response...I was constantly asked to sit down, even when we had corners at the other end!" - Sammyblueboy

"...and more embarrassingly to see on telly, 'fans' were leaving before the end rather than try and support the team towards getting an equalizer made me sick - much more than actually losing." - darkblue


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