Friday, February 29, 2008

Liam Miller can't keep time

At least Keane can't do this to his players now that he's an authority figure

Some of us at UF were somewhat confused the other day regarding Liam Miller suddenly turning up on the transfer list up at Sunderland.

He's only 27, he's industrious when he's on the pitch, and he's been capped plenty of times by the Republic of Ireland. Just what you'd want on your team, right?

Not Roy Keane. He's absolutely fucking sick and tired of Miller always being late, and that is more important to the manager than getting results.

Said Keane:

"The problem is Liam's time-keeping, it is as simple as that. It is nothing to do with Liam as a player or as a lad. I have got a lot of time for Liam, but we set a very high standard at the football club and unfortunately, Liam has been unable to match that, so we have put him on the transfer list and we will see what happens."
Keane's regime is firm but fair, and he's been trying for a while to get a well-disciplined squad much like Tom Coughlin did at the start of last season [you know, the season before they won the Super Bowl]. He left a few players out of a game against Barnsley [can't type that team easily] last season in the Championship because they turned up late for the team bus, and while this incident with Miller is more extreme, it's still hardly surprising.

Keane's patience simply ran out:

"Miller had a long string of not showing up on time, and "You have got to be on time for training. If a player is late once or twice, well and good; if he is late three or four times, maybe well and good. But when it goes beyond five, six, seven times, then you have got to draw the line. In any walk of life, you have got to be on time. We had an incident last year when players were late for the bus, and you move on. We cannot wait for anybody at the club."
Miller's future at the club is still possible, but it seems like only a matter of time before he gets snapped up for cheap when the window opens again.

My advice to Miller: get a bloody watch.

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