Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend WAG Wroundup

It seems as though the focus this week was on Abbey Clancy's translucency and Cashley Cole's . Poor Gemma. But there was more than that to enjoy this weekend, in a semi-regular round up of wags. And something for the ladies, non-gender specific males, and scousers.
(images courtesy of ZUMA/KEYSTONE Press)

First onto Mrs. Gerrard, Alex Curran. She showed up at the same event as Abbey and Gemma, but take a look:

Sorry, but this dress is hideous. The Black Band in the front makes you focus and then you see all those wavy lines and it looks you end up getting seasick and reaching for Dramamine. Shoot the person who bought you that. Also, drop the dresses that show off your taint. Get back to basics. You're a MiLF - rock that look.

My Favorite of the week has me rooting for Chelsea, if I could think that was possible. We're talking of the delightfully stunning Noemie Lenoir, who is married to Makelele the Defender. I can only say, "The Makelele Role" should have an Urban Dictionary Reference

Poor Joanna Taylor - She's about ready to get relegated, when Fullham goes down. Perhaps she'll get some movement in the Transfer Market and jump to Sunderland (they do have the best parties). Here's hoping she can stave off relegation, because she looks fan-tastic:

And for the rest of you, my current man crush is the slightly fading midfielder, but he can still cause my heart to still when he lines up for a set piece. Of course we're talking about Steven Gerrard. Nice thighs.

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