Friday, February 29, 2008

WaGs, GND edition

When you don't have the cash to buy the best (and perhaps best looking) players, you make adjustments, plan, and spend your money wisely. Conversely, when you're looking for a lady for your small budget team, you need to be a bit more creative.

Here's a homage to a few clubs and what they're getting into. Millwall made a splash recently with their contest to spot the best WaGs, and what small club Weston are up to.

Millwall caused a stir last week with the news leaked out about their Facebook site, and their contest to find Millwall's hottest fan. As expected, it generated some local interest, a bit of buzz in the football community, and a lot of fapping at blurry pictures of women of all shapes and sizes. In the interest of promoting parity in the world of WaGs, we've thrown a few photos in for those who don't use facebook (like myself):

Winner of the "what kind of wine is that shade of red?" award.

Why does this look like every other blurry photo on the interwebs of a female?

Lingering Bursitis's Favorite, as it reminds him of fellow scousers.

Not to be outdone, semi-pro club Weston Mare has been putting together a WaG of the Month Calendar for their club. Sales of which are going to be donated to the Weston Hospicecare. Nobel indeed, though having the winners showing up to visit the blokes would do more for morale than a few extra biscuits with their tea. Winner Candice Davies pictured above the jump is only a mere 19 in years, but is well on her way to going far.

We here at the Unprofessional Foul cheer all female supporters of their teams, as well as the wives and girlfriends of the players. They need someone to come home to after an afternoon of being kicked at.

However, to set the bar, and to cheer up our esteemed editor, we bring you the girlfriend of Scouser Mikel Arteta. Poor guy is paid so little, he can barely buy his lady enough clothes to be seen in public.

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