Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Which Step Is It Where You Acknowledge The Problem?

Does he suffer from a case of he wobbly wickets?

Badboy Kiwi Jesse Ryder just might have an issue with alcohol. Perhaps. Maybe. Last winter Ryder severed tendons in his hand when he pulled a Charles Barkley, except he didn't throw somebody through a glass window. Rather, he threw his fist through the window. This January he was also axed from a match after a bit of a bender.

Says Ryder:

“I thought I could control my drinking better but that is obviously not the case.”

It's not limited to the rowdy Kiwi though, as Pakistani punk Shahid Afridi is accused of slapping a fan. That's not exactly tough, it's more Carmelo Anthony-esque, but hey it's not all tea and crumpets.


GeneralGametime said...

I have to say, that is some superb photoshop work on the header. I think a permanent change may be in order.

Andrew said...

Indeed. This new site is a wicked googily.