Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Believe it or not/I'm walking on air

A couple of quick links to peruse while you also consider just how much a certain Columbus Crew forward resembles The Greatest American Hero.

There will be no Tatas on Man U shirts next season [Daily Express]
Some suggestions for unofficial FCNY nicknames [NY Mag]
Owner of Detroit's XSL club (Ignition represent!) wants to convert open parcels of land in Detroit--about 40 square miles are available--into farm land [Detroit Free Press]

Canadian PM Stephen Harper looks like Pat Kiernan. Oh, and he pissed off lots of Canuck soccer fans by posing with the traitorous Owen Hargreaves []


Goat said...

u75--you must have been sitting behind me and my buddies at the Crew-Fire US Open Cup game last year when we spent the better part of the game singing the Greatest American Hero theme song whenever Steven Lenhart touched the ball.

ü75 said...

Actually, he popped up in tonight's game, my wife saw it, one thing led to another (not The Fixx), and here we are. Spectator is to blame for IDing him. I wasn't paying close enough attention.

Did he hear you? He's like 22, I'm sure he has no first hand experience with the show.

Spectator said...

And now the theme song is stuck in my head.

The Fan's Attic said...

Believer it or not, George is not home.

Goat said...

Yeah, I think our singing was lost on him.

phil said...

+1 to TFA, and I'm recording a new voicemail message today.