Thursday, April 2, 2009

Agger To Do A Liverpool Tattoo?

Daniel Agger is offering to tattoo all of his mates if Liverpool win the Premier League. "What an offer" you say. A footballer wielding a needle filled with ink. "I'm in!" Carragher will scream. "Yes please". Actually I am sure it will be alright, Agger is a trained tattoo artist. Gerrard and Torres need not worry I suspect. I can't see Liverpool winning this season.

Some UFer's reckon this story is a subtle April fool, but after the jump, pictures of Agger in tattoo action. Would be a crap April fool considering the guy is a trained tattoo artist. You decide.

And there...What do you think?

Yeah Daniel, I just see a pool of blood mate.

1 comment:

amy said...

That would be cool. Does that mean he's sticking around at Liverpool? I hope so. Maybe he'll put some sort of debilitating poison in Skrtel's tattoo ink so that he can't play. Daniel Agger + tattoos = sexy