Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why Would You Boo Danny Glover?

Port Vale fans have been booing Danny Glover. I know. What has Danny freakin Glover ever done to them? I doubt he has ever been to Stoke on Trent. What's worse is that they are doing it to get to his dad!

OK. It's not THAT Danny Glover, but Port Vale's 19 year old striker Danny Glover. Son of Port Vale boss Dean Glover. Why would you call your son Danny if your surname is Glover? Why would you do that to the poor kid. I digressed. Sorry. Anyway. Back to the booing. Port Vale are currently 18th in League 2 and although they look safe from the clutches of non-league football, Vale fans are a little upset at the current standing and especially with Vale gaffer Dean Glover. What better way is there to show the manager how you feel about him, than to boo his son.

Danny Glover and ginger too. Life can be cruel.

It's sad. Unfortunately they're getting to him to get through to me, the son-father relationship is difficult in the workplace anyway when things aren't going right. They're baying for my head but they're getting to Dan as well, which is wrong really." -Port Vale manager Dean Glover.

Poor Danny. Boo's can be such a lethal weapon. Maybe he should have quit football and gone fishin'.


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Ginge said...

Because Lethal Weapon 4 and Predator 2 were really bad movies?