Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Viva Honduras!

Has SGE been fired yet?

While we thank you for indulging us on this silliest of days, we want you to know there is a payoff coming. Friday, just two short days from now, Norwichomon will be released in its entirety. No Duke Nukem Forever here, folks. It's really happening.

Podolski slaps Ballack. Ballack responds by scoring a goal. Hope no one at Chelsea saw this [Dirty Tackle]
Luca Toni is proud of his package and is willing to show it off [The Spoiler]
Alright, you may not know what XSL is Judging from this post no one knows what XSL is [Kenn]
It's not often Jan Tomaszewski say the same thing, so you know it must be right [The Spoiler]
Life-size (maybe) Carlos Puyol cake [ONTD]

I found this funny. The parents did not [The New Republic]
USL coming to LI, NYC. Enough acronyms for you? [NYT]
Racist announcers unsurprisingly popular in Argentina [NYT Goal]
Cool video to watch. 2 kids play pickup soccer around the world. Plus, the girl is kinda hot [TOR]
Tottenham reaaallly want anyone to buy the name of their new stadium, still [The Run of Play]
Some background on why Kissinger got involved in US Soccer bid for the World Cup [NYT (again?)]
Linesman pulls out a gun for his own protection [The Spoiler]
Take a day or two off, and another blog kills you. WAG gets a lot less than planned from eBay sale [The Spoiler]
Central Michigan U agrees to pay $450K settlement to two former soccer players who filed sexual harassment suit against former coach [Detroit Free Press]

Finally (finally):
Scouse nightmare fuel [The Offside Rules]

Pic from Football Fashion. Thanks.


WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

I don't know if there's anything in the entire sporting world that could compete with the unbridled joy I would get from Mexico missing the World Cup. Not Spartek London going into administration, not the University of Wisconsin's football team getting the death penalty, and not even random base coaches beating up White Sox fans could compare with El Tri watching the big kids play in wherever it is that 2010 gets played at.

machine gooner funk said...

seriously nothing could be more hilarious than if mexico fails to qualify. with the talent they have its truly baffling how they continue to underperform. given thier utter lack of sportsmanship whenever we beat them and their dirty play and just the general cuntiness of their team (vela excluded of course)it would just be unfathomable joy. if they really dont qualify i think its safe to say sven would probably be assassinated/kidnapped or something of that nature not uncommon for their country.