Friday, April 3, 2009

Taxman Cometh for Diego... kinda

Photo credit to Bigus

Tax watchdogs in Italy have put the screws to Diego Maradona over a reported $50+ million in decades-old excise debt. Maradona played for Napoli from 1984-1991, during which time one might recall his imploring the Neapolitan fans to support Argentina over Italy during the 1990 World Cup. Well, it seems you just can't satisfy some [slow-thinking Italian] people.

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More! Per the AFP:

According to tax website, Maradona has still only paid 42,000 euros ($66,1500) of what he owes, as well as handing over two luxury watches.

Around 23.5 million euros of his debt is accounted for by interest on his original tax debt.

The real madness of the story lay not with Diego, oddly enough. The mystery here, for me at least, centers on Italian tax office. Who's running this place? Bookman? I'm going to go out on a weak, swaying, jounced limb and predict Naples won't see more than few thousand more dollars and another vinatge timepiece 'er two.


The Fan's Attic said...

I also presume Diego will not be visiting Italy anytime soon nor consulting with Inter or whichever team it was.

Jason said...

I first read that as "exercise" debt and wondered how he'd managed to accrue so much of it.