Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Backpasses: Apparently that's a loaded name over there

Looking at squad size in the EPL. Why do LFC have 62 players? [Guardian]
Good ol' Hank Kissinger to help US land a World Cup he will not see [US Soccer]
Shrek to have baby. I really hope they pick "Waynetta" [Kickette]

Ugly scene in Ivory Coast yesterday [NCNB]
Is Mourinho positioning himself for a FIFA job? [Soccernet]

South American soccer is crazy (pt. 9218) [SI]


cjdomer04 said...

62 sounds like a lot, but remember that anyone decent over 16 is on a professional contract. Also, Taylor failed to mention that anyone 21 and younger, as of Aug 31, 2008, doesn't count towards that 25 maximum. Liverpool had 26 guys that were 22+, with 3 of those guys (Leto, Martin, Voronin) on loan.

Mike Georger said...

Liverpool have brought in a shitload of foreigners the past two years that couldn't sign pro deals in Spain, Holland, France, whathaveyou, so they are about half of them.

Eat a dick Spain, we're gonna continue stealing your players.