Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Googly, The Beamer, The LBW

This week, we take a look at one of the game's most historic clubs, Marylebone Cricket Club. Or, as I'm wont to call it because I can't pronounce Marylebone--MCC. MCC were founded way back in 1787 and remain relevant to this day because of one important thing--their home ground is Lord's.

Yes, that Lord's. The ground so famous it even found its way into a Douglas Adams novel. THE hallowed ground of English cricket. Plus, they house the rules of the game, or something. But that's not why we are looking at MCC today. No, it's because we are taking the time to look at one of the horror jumpers of MCC's past.

Oh my goodness. What the heck was going on here? While I can stand the cream color, just slightly, and I can stomach a cable knit, I can't have them together. This is like having a PB&J with any J other than Grape. It just doesn't work.

And what about those garish colors in the stripes? I see red, yellow, green and navy. Excuse me, did the chairman of MCC own a colored yarn factory as well? It's too much to handle on the cricket pitch. All of those colors flying at you when the bowler takes his run up--it would be nigh-on impossible to pick a bright red ball against that background.

What were the manufacturers high on? Compare the sweater above with this modern one modeled by MCC youth hottie Kate Oakenfold:

So much better, huh? I bet Kate and her mates look at old pictures of players from the club and just laugh at the horror shows they used to sport. I know I would have been if I could have regained my sight after seeing this one for the first time.

YUCK! A true Leg Before Wi@#et!!!

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