Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Last Ever Tevez Law Suit Post EVER.

Google 'Sheffield United 2006/07 and 3,000 Tevez pics appear.

Ok. So this is really interesting. No really, stay with me. We have all heard about the impending law suit to be filed by 18 current and former Sheffield United players haven't we? No? Well a bunch of United players are suing West Ham for 'lost' Premier League wages due to the Tevez affair apparently resulting in Sheffield United being relegated. Relegation at the hands of one tiny Argentinean and not through being crap AT ALL. It was Tevez and not the accumulation of just 38 points in 38 games right?

Well, let's see what happened to those 'suing' players after relegation in 2007. Surely if they were good enough to stay in the Premier League, the majority of players would be there now, right? Or at least the year after relegation. Let's find out...

This is easy peasy, as the Guardian did all the hard work here.

Chris Armstrong. Stayed at Sheffield United, then moved to Reading
Claude Davis. Moved to the Prem with Derby AND went down again. Poor Claude.
Leigh Bromby. Moved to Watford and then back to United again.
Derek Geary. Started half of last years games and just 3 this term.
Keith Gillespie. Stayed with United and joined Bradford City last week.
Rob Hulse. Stayed with United, had a stinker last season and moved to Derby.
Phil Jagielka. At last. A Premiership player! Moved to Everton after relegation.
Colin Kazim-Richards. Moved to Fenerbache in Turkey.
Paddy Kenny. Still at United and now 30. Just taken off the tranfer list after a row.

Paddy Kenny. Not fat, but a Premier League superstar.

Matthew Kilgallon. Still at Sheffield United.
Robert Kozluk. Moved from United to Barnsley after relegation.
Mikele Liegertwood. Moved to Q.P.R after the blades dropped.
Nick Montgomery. Still in Sheffield and plays from time to time.
Chris Morgan. Still at United, bashing skulls. Wouldn't get away with that in the EPL!
Christian Nade
. Moved to Hearts in Scotland.
Alan Quinn. Move to Ip.Ip.Ip..Them. Clearly not close to Premier League class.
Stephen Quinn. Still at United and featuring in the current side.
Jon Stead. Moved from United to Ip.Ip. That lot in January. What a tit.
Michael Tonge. With United last year. Moved to Stoke. Started 1 Prem game this season.
Daniel Webber. Still there. 4 goals this season for United.

Well there it is. A talented bunch of Premier League players if ever I saw one. What a squad. What talent. They should definitely be in the Premier League. far too good for the Colaship. Sue away boys. Fill your boots!

Amazing how the smell of blood brings out the vultures.


P.S. Sheffield United say they will axe any player that sues West Ham. I'm sure that was in United's settlement agreement with the Hammers. Thing is, the majority of the players who are suing are no longer with the blades.


Andrew said...

Seems like Sheffield Utd could've used Tevez.

phil said...

Can we just change the initials for SU to STFU?

Seriously, enough fucking whining. 38 points in 38 matches means people should be suing STFU for subjecting them to shoddy footy, and subsequent bitching from said shitty footballers.

jjf3 said...

My Last Ever Tevez Law Suit Post EVER.

I'll believe it when I (don't) see it... :)

Also, Shearer in at NUFC for the final 8 games