Monday, March 30, 2009

Hatters Watch: Dreams Can Come True. Can't They?

On loan defender Michael Spillane in action for Luton.

You thought old Bigus had forgotten we were keeping an eye on Luton Town, didn't you? And If you have not been paying attention then here is why UF's beady eyes are all twitchy with the action of League 2.
Luton were docked 30 points by the Football League at the start of the season and have been bravely trying to survive the drop to non-league football for the first time, all season. Follow me after the jump to see how those Hatters are doing.

One of our regular readers has noticed a trend. He says that every time I update the UF blog fiends on the 'goings on' in Bedfordshire, I jinx the hapless Hatters, and they start to lose. We'll I call bollocks. Bigus doesn't really believe in jinxes, so here goes.

Luton are now just ELEVEN points from safety with SEVEN games to go. That's a possible 21 points. Can they do it? Well they are certainly on form. Luton have won 4 of their last 5 games and have a game in hand over their nearest rivals... Grimsby. The fishy people are on 33 points and Bournemouth are on 34. Luton have 4 home games left and an incredible comeback IS possible. How possible? Well if you are a betting man, it's a slim hope, BUT, if you are a football puritan who believes in the underdog, then they have a decent shot at this. 4 home wins would yield 12 points putting them on 34 points. Grimsby have just 3 home games left and have only won twice away all season. They have won just four at home and have to play Bournemouth, so that's a likely 6 points for me... From here to the finish line. Giving Grimsby Town 39 points. Bournemouth also stink on the road but have 3 home games left. They have won 9 at home however, so they are a lock to get those remaining nine points in my mind. If the above outcome for the fishy people of Grimsby comes true, then Luton need to win their remaining home games and need 1 win and 2 draws from 3 games on the road. As their goal difference is much better than Grimsby's, 39 points will do it!. It's possible people...It's possible.

Luton manager Mick Harford can smell the fishy stench of Grimsby, down wind.

Luton also have a trip to Wembley to play in the final of the coveted, :) , Johnstone's Paint trophy on the 5th of April. If they can stay fit afterwards, and win that f%*ker, momentum and confidence could see them push on and get the points they need.

One thing is for sure, if they survive, it will be an amazing feat and one big middle finger to the Football League. The clowns who docked Luton Town 30 points last summer. Punishment that affected the long suffering fans AND the current regime at Kenilworth road who bailed the club out of financial trouble and got kicked in the face for it. Meanwhile the previous owners' corruption went unpunished as they all bolted out the back door and down the high street.

UF is watching and we LOVE the underdog. Stay tuned.



jjf3 said...

I want to see them make it just to send a 1-finger (or 2-finger, depending on your background) salute to the FA and their sometimes foolish rules...

Kopper said...

I was right! It is a jinx! Losing 1-3 v. Rotherham in their 1st match post Hatters Watch!