Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And now, the coup d'grace!

What happens when buxom blondes are given a little airtime during a cricket match? Find out after the jump. (NSFW!) New video up.

Here's the deal. The original video had under 2000 hits on youtube in the year it had been up there before we posted it on April 1. It was pulled on April 2. So now we are left with the video With Leather ripped and posted. Thanks, leather aficionados!


jjf3 said...

I love how it was so obvious she was going to do it, and they didn't change cameras anyways. ESPN needs to hire that director immediately.

Oh, and excellent job today, gentlemen. The best part is that I still know just as little about cricket as I did yesterday, yet I've also been introduced to many more boobs. I call that a damn good tradeoff. Oh, and props to whoever (BD?) did the new logo...that was wonderful work, and you really should slap that baby on a T-shirt, or find some other way to use it to make at least a few pennies for your efforts today...

Andrew said...

Best part: guy at the end saying, "I saw the titties, yeah!" in a foreign accent.

Dreams become reality here at UF.