Monday, July 7, 2008

Villareal: Kings of the Dick Move

You know what a Dick Move is, right? It's one of those things where someone does something so outlandish and without regard to anyone else's feelings or safety, that you cannot help but to let your jaw drop and say, "Wow, what a Dick Move."

Example 1: June 28, 1997. Mike Tyson, feeling that Evander Holyfield is getting away with headbutts in their boxing match, decides the only way to show his displeasure is to take a chunk out of one of Holyfield's ears.

Example 2: From Urban Dictionary's entry: Tom and Bill were both interested in the same girl at the bar; when Tom falsely insinuated to the girl that Bill had erectile dysfunction, that was a Dick Move.

Example 3: Villareal, scheduled to play a friendly at Motherwell, for a friendly where the main stand would be rededicated to former captain Phil O'Donnell, decide it's not worth the bother and pull out. And they did so by email. Now that's a Dick Move.

For those not in the know, that would be the Phil O'Donnell who collapsed on the pitch last season and died before the night was out. A man whose passing hit many in the SPL hard, including his nephew, who was on the pitch at the time.

So, yes, Villareal are dicks. They are doubly dicks for using email to cancel the match. There are a few things which you absolutely do not do by email. We've collected some of them for you below.

1. Pull out of a meaningful friendly.
2. Write "I'm pregnant and you are the father"
3. Break up with a significant other.
4. Fire someone from their job.
I am sure that we missed some, so feel free to add those in the comments.


Mike Georger said...

ive been fired via email

dumped via email (several times)

dumped via instant messanger away message

dumped via facebook notification

dumped via text message

all reasons why i no longer feel bad about anything i do

Lingering Bursitis said...

5. tell something they only have 6 weeks to live

Mike Georger said...

oh yeah i also got a 'hey ive got the clap, get tested' email.

then two hours later got a 'just kidding' email

Bigus Dickus said...

I am now going to use this message thread to tell LB I quit UF.

MoonshineMike said...

don't forget the "I'm may be Pregnant" email.

Jordan said...

Wow, that -is- a Dick Move.

They couldn't send a reserve squad or something? Its one thing to pull out of a friendly, its another to do so in that sort of situation.

Jordan said...

And as far as bad e-mails...

There is always the old, "I planted an explosive device in your skull which will blow up when..." e-mail. Thats always a Dick Move.

Mike Georger said...

similar theme

appalachian state giving a shit ton of money and relief to katrina victims then LSU pulling out of their game with them in 2007. dick move.
granted it allowed for the michigan game (and now lsu is playing them this year, and lsu is going to lose)

Mike Georger said...

didnt phil collins divorce his wife via fax machine or something? total dick move from the vice city stories starlet

The NY Kid said...

@Bigus - Quit? You're fired!

Andrew said...

@ georger: wow. I think the intertron has a problem with you. mass communication has not been kind.

and isn't erectile dysfunction the antithesis of a "dick move?"

or did everyone just internalize that thought?

Mike Georger said...

i think it has more to do with being built like a grizzly bear. come to think of it ive never been dumped face to face, i think theyre afraid ill hit them or something, which i wouldnt do. shit the one time i got fired in person i just smiled and nodded, then went and drank a pint of rum in the parking lot. and cried.

The NY Kid said...

Georger comes out of the closet! What? He said he's a bear.

Andrew said...

georger's a drunk grizzly! georger's a drunk grizzly!

/no homo
//no deadspin

When I lived in London, my girlfriend in NC dumped me by having my buddy call me to say she liked hooking up with another guy. And then I watched the Gunners lose the Prem to MUFC on the last day.

That was fun.

Jordan said...

Did someone say bears?

Lingering Bursitis said...

Also a dick move: us being very busy today and not having time to post. We will rectify this tomorrow.

In the meantime... Georger's a bear?

Keith said...


Thanks for Finnan and the 15 mill.

Your friends in Birmingham (okay, Brooklyn, but still).

Also- Aston Villa home/change kits unveiled

Mike Georger said...

i like the blue, pretty swanky. whats acorns?

Keith said...

It's a children's hospice in the Midlands. Basically, Villa's doing a Barca, only with a local charity.

Mike Georger said...

interesting, i prefered the gambling site

re: the bear conversation. would this picture help or hurt my case for not being a bear?

The NY Kid said...

I think it would help - I don't know too many gay Amish.