Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: I'm as drunk as a ref right now

Becks checks out some dames in LA, again [With Leather]
Speaking of tattooed morons, Rooney got another one. It may as well have been a dunce cap [Telegraph]
Which footballer scored 24 goals in four games? The Guardian will tell you [Guardian]

More after the jump

C. Ronaldo probably pissed away his chance at the Ballon d'Or with his performance at the Euros [SI]
Ronaldinho is not going to the Olympics after all [Bloomberg]
David Trezeguet quits French squad because Domenech was retained [Soccernet]
McClaren makes moves at FC Twente [Setanta]
Arbitration helps Tottenham screw over Crystal Palace [Guardian]

And, finally:
US Open Cup semis set. We are one step away from my dream DC United-Charleston Battery final [US Open Cup]

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