Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not a good way to wind down after Euro '08

In serious news for just a moment, it appears that Turkey has more to grieve than their last-minute defeat to Germany in last month's European Championships. Over the weekend, the head of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), Hasan Dogan, died of a heart attack.

While eating dinner with national coach Fatih Terim.

Dogan took the job in February and was in charge for their biggest success on the world stage outside of the 3rd place in Korea/Japan '02.

Sepp Blatter's eulogy was, to my amazement, well-written:

"We will remember his vast experience and know-how, his determination to develop the game as well as his unique personality. Being a thorough idealist Hasan Dogan managed to position not only Turkish club football but also the Turkish national team on an international level in only a few months at the helm of the TFF.

We will retain fond memories of an accomplished leader and an extraordinary man whose great human qualities ensured that he left an indelible mark on the game of football, not only in helping to develop football in Turkey but also around the world."

There's really no joke here, folks, just the impermanence of life rising up and reminding us of its presence yet again. Terim's a phenomenal, charismatic leader, but the TFF is going to need something equally headstrong to take the national team and the domestic league further in the future.

With Aragones coming to manage Fenerbahce, they're looking good at club level, but someone has to fill Dogan's shoes fast before the national side flounders.

Any takers?

I'd be remiss if I didn't note that McClaren is sadly unavailable.

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