Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

The first professional soccer match I attended was back in 1985. The home team was this week's subject, Dundee FC, and the away team was Aberdeen. The memories I have of that match are sparse. I think it was a 1-1 scoreline, but I am not sure. I remember we stood in actual terracing behind the goal, which was actually pretty cool. Also, there were a shitload more fouls than I had ever experienced watching American college soccer, or even the odd NASL match.
All of that preamble to say that I once saw this team in action, and remember their kit from that time well due to Mike Pringle, the lone Dundee fan in my class. He wore their shirt a lot, when he wasn't wearing Iron Maiden T-shirts. It was a nice look, with a navy blue shirt with red and white accents and white shorts. This week's shirt is not so great.

From this small picture, you may think that this is a black-ish shirt with some odd white wavy coloration. Oh no. This is a now much darker blue shirt with white script--of all the names of that year's season ticket holders on it.

The best part? The fact that the shirt almost certainly contains some misspellings of the team's support. I don't think that Richard Gibsonv exists, but Richard Gibson V, that I can believe.

Also, there are some rather interesting names here. At the bottom of this picture:
one can find the name Calum Piggot. Now that is an awesome name. It just rolls off the tongue. Mr. Piggot. C-Pigg for short.

All in all, this was a sentimental idea gone horribly wrong. I don't think that it is any coincidence that, of the small number of these theoretically produced (only given to the season ticket holders), so many show up on the ebays. Only four hours left to secure one of the five available in this auction, so get cracking.


Mike Georger said...

its like the vietnam war memorial. only more depressing.

The NY Kid said...

Craig Farquharson is a ponce. I can't believe he got his name on there.

The Fan's Attic said...

This is a really cool idea but the execution not so great. Imagine if they did this now with the Puma jerseys that have watermarks on them. That would be awesome.

Lingering Bursitis said...

One of the Arsenal kits from recent years had the names of all the players that season tickets had helped them purchase... a genius idea!

strong like bull smart like tractor said...

That was the one with the O on the front, I take it?