Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Pic for the ladies

Hleb to Barcelona. London too chaotic for him. Looks for calm nightlife in Spain [AFP]
Tottenham to sign Luis Garcia. He'll be good cover when Keane goes to Liverpool [The Sun]
More hand-wringing on the Blanco incident [Big Soccer]
Justin Timberlake loves soccer. In a very "I'll watch it if it's on" sort of way [The Red Card]

More junk if you click this link:

Another Best Eleven list. Which teams and leagues did the goalscorers in Euro 2008 come from? [The Best Eleven]
A modest proposal from The Sun. Let's give Blatter the boot [The Sun]
English bookie refuses to honor winning bet from Euros [The Sentinel]

And, finally:
English fans abandoning the EPL for the Bundesliga. Check out the discrepancy in ticket prices [Soccer Fanhouse]


Mike Georger said...

degen = team of the year right back

not that im reading too much into a game against tranmere ...

chipped red nail polish said...

That's the pic you choose for the ladies? Even those shots floating around of Ramos in gold trunks are preferable.

ü75 said...