Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: All Cuauhtemoc, all the time

I'm not breaking any confidences in saying Cuauhtemoc Blanco is an asshole. MLS aren't helping matters in possibly breaking the law trying to keep his shenanigans away from the intertubes. We here at UF are actively seeking submissions of what the pendejo did both on the pitch and leaving it on Tuesday night. Vids, stills, stories, whatever, we'll take it.

For those not in the know:
Chicago Tribune's article on the aftermath [Chicago Tribune]
There is a tape out there [Red Card]
But MLS, possibly illegally, is sending takedown notices [Dave's Football Blog]

Other non-Blanco stuff after the jump

Kentucky ODP coach arrested for soliciting underage oral sex online [WLKY]
Real Salt Lake to host 2009 MLS All-Star game [The Canadian Press]
Darren Huckerby signs on with San Jose [Soccer by Ives]

And, finally:
If you ever wanted to be like us, but successful, ESPN wants YOU to write for them. Hope you write better than whoever prepared this release [Soccernet]


Mike Georger said...

the only teams it says need people are the promoted ones. so uh, pass.

norwich hasnt been updated since november, methinks bigus could probably jack that spot

ü75 said...

Hull not exciting enough for you there, Mike?

Bigus Dickus said...

Newsflash..Bigus will not be offering his (much sort after) skills to ESPN until they have booted out Tommy Smythe.

My pick for surprise of the Prem..Hull. Watch em go. Mike. Nab it while it's on offer.