Friday, July 11, 2008

Neil Adams Answers YOU -Part TWO.

Oh you've been waiting... I can tell. I can smell your excitement wafting through my ethernet cable. You got a taster and you want more... And you shall have it.......

I asked for questions to pose to ex-Norwich wing king and current Radio Norfolk commentator Neil Adams and you flooded my inbox. We had some good un's (and some duffers too!)
In part one Neil satisfied your insatiable appetite for behind the scenes footy information and I teased you by splitting this interview into two parts. Well the wait is over.

Lets crack on...

Matt wanted to know.....Neil. When at away games, do you have to stay in the stands to take Canary Call, or is there a press room like at Carra Rud? Canary call is a phone in show on BBC Radio Norfolk. Fans call in to air their opinions and quiz Neil on the match.

Neil...At home at Carrow Road we commentate from just above the tunnel as most people will know and then for canary call I make my way up into the corner between the snake pit and the Barclay end to the studio. Away from home we get allocated press box seats and we sit with all the other guys who are commentating. After the game finishes the press box empties and I sit where I am. I am normally alone in the stand.
Matt also wanted to know......(its related so he gets to ask two) Can you recall a favorite argument with a canary call fan?

Neil...Yes I can. A guy called Barry called 4 years ago at Millwall. I had a good debate with the guy who was adamant that I used to go and watch training every day and his bone of contention at the time was that Norwich weren't scoring many goals from set pieces. He said to me "why aren't they practising set pieces on the training ground" and I said to him I don't know because I don't go and watch and he was insistent that I did. After about 3 mins I ended up calling Barry stupid and the call has sort of made it into Norfolk folklore and made it onto websites.

Neil sitting next to Radio Norfolk's Roy Waller.

Want to hear 'stupid' Barry's call? At U.F we NEVER disappoint..Here it is....

Matt had one final request and because I am a good egg, I caved like Eduardo's ankle and let him get one last question in....

Matt....Can you tell my girlfriend to leave me the hell alone when the football is on the radio? (and I mean ALL the way through to Chris's manager/player interviews at the end)

Neil...Matt's girlfriend should leave him alone as it's fantastic that people listen in all over the globe, we sometimes get calls from people phoning in from other countries and if someone is that keen on Norwich City and has taken the time at any time of the day or night to listen to canary call then their wives and girlfriends should leave them alone.
Hear that woman? Leave Matt alone! I understand Matt's dilemma... That's why I lock Mrs Bigus in the basement on Saturday mornings.
Goat asks...(hope it's clean!) Since you are here in the US, perhaps you can tell me what you think of soccer in this country--both MLS and the national team (if he thinks of them at all)--and why many Brits seem to look down on US soccer fans (although it's quite understandable why the look down on American soccer players).

Neil...I am actually going to watch L.A Galaxy next week. I am not really qualified to comment on American football but by all accounts it's not great. There are more and more British players coming over here, maybe they are chasing the dollar, but apparently it's not great (how right you are sir!) which is a shame. It's a big sport and hopefully it takes off over here.
Precious Roy asks...Since he does radio in Norwich, could you maybe ask him to get us Alan Partidge's autograph? (oh Roy, Roy, Roy...)

Neil...Apparently Steve Coogan modeled his character on somebody from Radio Norfolk, nobody is officially owning up but we have all got our ideas.

Eladio asks...As a former player, what are your thoughts on foreign ownership, of not only EPL teams, but Championship and lower levels. Does that affect players at all, or is it just something for the fans and media to whinge about?

Rich foreign folk.....Yay..or neigh?

Neil...There are two interests for players. How much are they getting paid and are they getting picked in the team. They are well aware of whats going on off the field but it doesn't affect them. They want to be picked and paid well. Most British people turn their nose up at foreign investment but that's the way it's going. If people are going to come in and put money into a club and make it better, buy better players, better facilities then you have to embrace it.

Eladio ...also wanted to know..If, at the end of your career, you felt you had 1 more year left and the only team offering him a contract was Ipswich, would you have played for them?

Neil....Never in a million years..Once you have played for Norwich you can never play for Ipswich.

You are never forgiven! Judas Marshall made the move.

Finally, earlier this year Glenn Roeder took exception to a comment Neil made on the Radio about Darren Huckerby's absence from the team. Roeder made his feelings towards Neil very clear and very public. This resulted in Neil being let go from coaching the NCFC under 14 here is the question that many(7) of you wanted aksed...

NY Kid... How do you feel about Glenn Roeder?

Neil ......To be honest with you I am not happy with him at all. I believe in treating people how they treat you and I believe in respect and I don't think the manager has shown me a lot of respect, I don't think he was honest or truthful with me with the reasons he gave when he told me I would not be coaching at the Norwich academy any more.

I said at the end of our meeting, and I made no bones about it, Norwich is my club and I hope he does fantastically well with the club this year. I don't personally respect him, I hope he does well and the team does well, but its all about results and if Glenn Roeder gets results then everyone will say that he has done a fantastic job but personally we don't see eye to eye at the moment.


Many, many thanks to Neil for his time and a heavy pat on the back to all of you for submitting some smashing questions.


Up the City!


ΓΌ75 said...

Barry's not too bright.

Bigus Dickus said...

are you stupid!

Goat said...

Much obliged, Bigus and Neil. Given Neil's rather low opinion of US soccer, I wonder what he thinks of Darren Huckerby's impending move to San Jose.