Friday, July 11, 2008

Breaking News: Guzan Gone

Although it has been rumored that Chivas GK Brad Guzan was going to Aston Villa of the English Premier League, Sideline Views reports that its source has confirmed the rumor.

Good for Brad. Hopefully he has a successful international career like other US keepers before him.

Update: Soccer by Ives and the LA Times are all over this story, too.

Guzan leaves for only $1.5 million, although he was out of contract this winter anyway. That just means one less place for Benitez to flog Carson to for extra cash.


Andrew said...

Good move for Guzan. He's quality. For Villa.

Keith, you approve?

Mike Georger said...

was really hoping theyd be relying on paul robinson

Mike Georger said...

holy crap check out this ad from the lfc site

can you be dutch and white trash at the same time?

Joep Smeets said...

Hell yes you can. You've never been over here have you mike? Dirk is actually considered by most here to be a class act

which should tell you quite a bit about the Dutch

Mike Georger said...

sadly i have not

Keith said...

Hell yes I approve. Though I don't know whether Guz will be the #1 this year; Rumors have us picking up Brad Friedel to mentor Guzan on adapting to the English game, and generally being an American badass.

Though I'd reckon Guzan gets all the Carling/FA Cup/UEFA early round starts.