Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Backpasses: A little more on the dick move

As an addendum on the previous post, it seems that Motherwell was originally contacted by Sevilla (who lost Puerta in similar circumstances), and they offered to play the stand dedication match. However, as it transpired, Villareal's schedule (such as it was) fit better with Motherwell's plans, so the two clubs signed contracts on the game. Also, it is rumored that Villareal pulled out of the match because they had scheduled a more lucrative friendly instead. One would have to wonder if such a friendly would take place given the scrutiny the Scottish press has given Villareal's decision.

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Match-fixing scandal in Italy? Huh. Never woulds thunk it [International Herald Tribune]
Also in Italy, the referee pool for Series A and B has been reduced [ANSA]
German box office receipts down 50% last quarter. Some soccer tournament blamed [Variety]
AS Monaco interested in a couple of Americans you may have heard of [Soccer Times]
Fluminense players can't take the ribbing after losing Copa Libertadores final [Reuters]
The Best Eleven take the time to list the world's shortest professional footballers [The Best Eleven]

And, finally:
FlyBE launches a "Kevin Keegan" airplane. Here's hoping the pilots don't quit mid-flight []

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Andrew said...

I'd prefer to see Adu and Bradley in Ligue 1, especially for AS Monaco as it has a good pedigree.

Plus, it seems they could start immediately.