Thursday, July 10, 2008

And More from the Mad Blatherer

We have already touched on Sepp Blather's remarks on the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga, which is turning into a nine-act play from some college student, and I have to say I agree. Blather is just a self-important blowhard that likes to hear himself talk and see his name in the paper. He really lives by the adage of "any press is good press" even if it makes him look like a drooling imbecile.

Not only has he compared Ronaldo's situation to modern slavery, which I might add is a slavery I wouldn't mind being a part of, but he also popped these kernels of wisdom for us on women's soccer, gays, US soccer and xenophobia (thankfully compiled by Times Online):

Blatter offers an insight into how women's football could be made easier on the eye. “They could have tighter shorts,” he said.

Foot-in-mouth time

* In an attempt to raise the game's profile in the United States, especially with television networks, he has another brainchild - two halves could become four quarters.

* Size clearly matters, so why not raise the bar ... literally? Blatter suggests the goals should be half a metre wider and 25cm higher.

* Blatter again in choppy waters. “There are gay footballers, but they don't declare it because it will not be accepted in these macho organisations,” he said. “Look at women's football - homosexuality is more popular there.”

* He rules that clubs field no more than five foreign players. Agreed by Fifa, yet opposed by the Premier League and European Union, whose laws it would breach.

Blather infuriates me to no end. Could he just shut up and fade to black for the world of soccer? Please.


Mike Georger said...

the halves thing is retarded

but womens basketball uses a smaller ball, theyre physically inferior, just like womens soccer players

and its not like womens' sports dont get most of their attention because of hot athletes (jennie finch, all non dyke tennis players, that pole vaulting broad). sure someone will get offended by him saying that but everyone knows sexuality = more popularity

and the gay thing is dead on too. there are prominent lesbians in the wnba, it is seen as more acceptable. all you have in the nba is john 'don' ameche

Mike Georger said...

lets be honest. who here stops on espn2 whilst flipping when college volleyball is on? i know i do, why? theyre wearing super tight shorts and theres a strong 'no fat chicks' rule. i mean im not going to watch it long, but ill give it a look. i wouldnt if they were wearing sweats.

now im not sure if female soccer players are as good looking as your average pac10 coed, but it couldnt hurt.

The Fan's Attic said...

For a man who navigates in political waters, Sepp Blatter is an idiot. He says things he shouldn't say. Yes, tighter shorts would probably give it more sex appeal, but you can't say that stuff and then when you stereotype female athletes as lesbians that isn't a good thing.

The man's an idiot. Plain and simple.