Sunday, July 12, 2009

UF After Dark: Macheda is Now Fred-Ex

Well, since we veered toward unhealthy in our pursuit of online information about Sophie Houghton as she stapled herself to Wag-dom, we figured we should follow-up with this tidbit.

She's single again. And so is Federico Macheda (apologies for the Anglicization of the name in the post title).

The former dumped the latter as it appears he used his status as a good-looking, young, rich footballer to pick up chicks while on vacation.

We are stupefied.

Don't worry Sophie, you're only 18. You've got plenty of time to continue starf'ing and attention whoring.

Anyway, to apologize for a slack weekend we'll leave you this eye candy along with a promise that things will pick up around here on the weekends once the calendar rolls closer to August 15.


EbullientFatalist said...

W-w-w-w-wait . . . the relationship between a 17-yr old international footballer and an 18-yr old attention slut DIDN'T work out? Color me surprised.

The Likely Lad said...

Couldve just had it as Fed-ex...

...but we appreciate the nod to NFL great Freddie Mitchell.

Precious Roy said...

The allusion to Mitchell was totally intentional.

epiblast said...

Yay1 Attention whoring, where can I get one of those...?