Monday, July 13, 2009

Unhealthy Fascination with Celebrity Babies Reaches Creepy New High

Someone please give the faculty at the University of St Andrews something to occupy their time as, in the absence of any meaningful science to be done in Scotland, they've come up with the above image.

It's a computer composite of Wayne and Colleen Rooney's child. The baby isn't due for another 3 months, but thanks to the Scots we already know it's going to be hideous. Seriously, that's a girl? It's looks like a Baby Koresh.

From the News of the World: "Last night scientist Ian Stephen said: "'It should be fun to see what their child looks like in 12 months' time. I think the images we have produced should be pretty spot-on.'"

If it is spot on, it will be the opposite of fun to look at that thing. Is infanticide still legal in Britain?

Sorry Scotland, but Free To Be had this one nailed back in the early 1970s. These are Wayne Rooney's kids.

When you first catch sight of your firstborn Wayne, just remember that it's alright to cry.


Nathaniel said...

Actually found a better picture of any offspring of Rooney:

Someday I'll actually perfect the art of posting pics in HTML. Today is not that day (though I tried about 10 times with this post).

ΓΌ75 said...

It's OK, Nathaniel. Blogger doesn't allow such things.

Teeknuts said...

This was a collaboration between the University of St. Andrews and Mommy What Will I Look Like, shortly before they went out of business.

Mike Georger said...

Has anyone investigated the possibility that Rooney is in fact the baby from Ghostbusters 2?

(Also using this United related post to point out Fergie's latest 'no new players at this point' statement, which is sure to be followed by Aguero and Eto'o)

Precious Roy said...

Funny you should bring that up Georger as that was my other thought (that he looks like the painting of Vigo the Carpathian)... but the hair made me go Koresh.

Plus, I'm Texan, not Carpathian. So there was some homerism involved.

strong like bull smart like tractor said...

Two thumbs up for the "Scots are not good at science" tag. Bravo.

Sarah said...

Their child will so be like the ugly baby on Seinfeld.