Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beckham Speaks Again!

In just two brief days, I reckon Beckham's undone all that dubious goodwill work with kids and Zinedine Zidane that we kept getting emails about (more on that soon...). Yesterday was that EPL comment about how he'd play anywhere, just give him a ring someone and he'll do it, etc.

Then, he and Grant Wahl had a little donnybrook during a far-from-routine presser ahead of his season debut at the Red Bulls, which I'll totally be liveblogging by the way (beginning at 7.45pm. Bring the dip, I got the chips!).

Well, today saw him hide behind the England manager as justification for his continual want-away-ness. I mean, it's not his fault he needs to play anywhere but in Los Angeles.

It was Fabio! Fabio told him to!

Cue the "well if Fabio told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?" jokes, but seriously, let's look at what he said and then make fun of him.

Leading up to the World Cup, the England manager has made it very clear to me that I need to be playing at a European level." (regarding playing for England) I will do everything possible. I'll always regret it if I didn't do everything to give myself a chance to be involved in that. At the moment, my priority is the rest of the season and also playing and keeping in every squad for England and representing my country. Going forward, of course I want to be involved in the World Cup. I've not hidden that fact."
That's of course assuming that you're going to be included in the World Cup squad. I mean, you're not getting any younger and you're becoming a little one-dimensional on the right wing, having been supplanted by the likes of Walcott and Lennon as a more agile, spritely option.

Would it kill you to just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the LA Galaxy for even five minutes? Tomorrow, I await the presser where he claims God came to him in a dream and implored him to move to Barcelona immediately.


Anonymous said...

Stop. Just stop. He's a wanker. He knew what he was doing when he signed the contract with LA. He was retiring whilst playing. Then he got a change to play for England again. He fucked up. He knows it. We know it. Enough about this nonsense.

The Grant Wahl book is good, though.

MrRedDevil said...

Becks really is a fucking twat.

Magnakai Haaskivi said...

I'm about halfway through the book right now, and quite honestly I'm kind of feeling bad for Becks. I know the whole situation gets worse, but I'm reading this and seeing more bad things handled around him than him doing anything specific that would piss the whole team off.

As for playing for England...I dunno. I kind of don't begrudge him for wanting to stay fit for that. His management people come off as complete twats, and I want to hit Alexi Lalas in the face with a hammer, but I'm not hating Beckham quite yet.

Eladio said...

I'm waiting to receive my free copy from UF...should be arriving any day now.

Goat said...

Eladio--I'd say your odds just got better. It looks like hadley and Mr. Haaskivi have eliminated themselves from the contest.

Precious Roy said...

Mr Red Devil:

Brevity. Good.