Monday, July 13, 2009

Macheda's Week Gets Worse.

Poor old Macheda. Wagless and Watch-less. First of all his woman drops him like a hot potato and then two men bust into his crib, rob him of all his worldly possessions and rough up his mate. Yep, another footballer has fallen victim to armed robbery. This appears to be a real problem in the north west, especially with Manchester United and Liverpool players.

The robbery took place at Federico Macheda's home in Sale during the early hours of Sunday morning. The Italian striker's friend received a minor cut to his head, and there were reports of an incident in Manchester on Saturday evening that could have been connected to the crime, but police will not confirm that this is the case.

A bad week indeed. Still, Federico is a 17-year-old footballer. As you can see from the picture above, I'm sure he'll be selecting a new WAG soon and a fancy watch will make just a small dent in this week's wages.

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Nathaniel said...

So the one on the left is the madame of the house? Amirite?