Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wear This Or Else!

Where's your kit? What kit? This facking kit!

Nah, listen up you slags. You'd betta buy this ere West 'Am shirt or else.

Q: What's the best way to promote your shirt if you are a club from East London, the home of real gangsters?

A: Hire a fake one!

Movie land hard man (and West Ham fan) Ray Winstone is the new face of West Ham's new kit. What a way to reinforce the old East Laaandon stereotype. The cockney actor, famous for playing tough gangsters and hard man 'types' in movies such as Sexy Beast, Nil by Mouth and Scum, jumped at the chance to show his true colours.

Not so sure about the checkered look. Not half as nice as my lot's new away shirt. Why's that you ask? Cos I said so slags, and I'm the daddy of B wing, er UF wing, er here.

Click here to see Winstone earning his reputation in his most famous scene. Beware of NSFW language and a rather unpleasant racist attitude.

The new West Ham shirt is available from the 30th July.


Nathaniel said...

Do you think "Green Street Hooligans" will fit on the back?

Mike Georger said...

No love for The Departed? Blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Bigus. Up the 'ammers!

Ray Winstone has been seen at some Chelski matches over the years. Nice to see him supporting his club again.

It's a crap shirt, though. The checker pattern looks like it belongs in the 1980s. What happened to the blue sleeves? And they are wearing claret socks this season, as opposed to the normal white.

The away isn't any better.

Savio's gonna be pissed that Winstone took his squad number.

Teeknuts said...

Why does the background look like it's from a school picture from 1985?

machine gooner funk said...

wow french is a hammer supporter? i figured him as a celtic guy

Mike Georger said...

"wow french is a hammer supporter?"

Should have figured it out following the "ah fuck it *bullet through the brain*" scene.

Eladio said...

"Cranberry juice? What, are you on your period?"

Bigus Dickus said...

Shut it you slags, French aint no hard man. Not when Carlin's abaaaaaaat.

EbullientFatalist said...

"Add your own or your hero's name . . . "

I just ordered my 09/10 Hammers Blagojevich jersey.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, what was it that was all he was worried about? I didn't quite catch it the first seven times...