Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ambition Not Avarice?

Tevez' whopping wages will keep him in new tea cozies for quite a while.

So Tevez has decided. It's taken all summer for his owners to thumb through all 3 offers for their slave and finally they flogged the tiny forward to Manchester Arabia. Of course, Tevez had the final say...And what a say it was. Tevez has joined Manchester Arabia because of their 'ambition' and not because of the 150k a week wages he will be investing in binkies.

"City's boss and owner came with a very good proposal, they showed me that City has the ambition to be one of the biggest clubs in the world. This made it easy to make the move. Money was never important." - Carlos Tevez speaking through his interpreter.

So Tevez is ambitious? Surely if this was the case, he wouldn't have left the current Premier League Champions and a team that handed him a Champions League medal two years ago would he? Or turn down a move to Chelsea. Aren't they ambitious? With a Russian billionaire owner and top players? Also, a sure sign of Carlos' desire to do well, aka 'ambition', would be his eager desire to have spent every spare moment learning English, making it possible for him to communicate with his managers. After 3 years of living in er..England, he hasn't!

Talking of communication, Tevez is claiming that Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson never spoke to him. EVER. Not just with regards to staying at Old Trafford. In response, Fergie says that he sent Tevez texts messages and he didn't receive a reply. Just a guess, but If Tezez doesn't speak English, talking to him would probably be a little difficult. If he can't read English, Ferguson's text's would probably evoke a similar response from Tevez as to yours, should the next paragraph in this blog read like this...

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Strong argument eh? I know, sometimes I surprise myself.

Of course both parties are completely full of shit. United spoke to Tevez' people and Tevez is looking to find an excuse to justify moving to an 'ambitious club' that doesn't offer Champions League football.

This is what really bugs me about footballers. No loyalty is a given these days, but no honesty? Just be honest. You have a limited career and want to earn as much money as possible. I get it. You get it. My dog gets it. Claiming that 'ambition' is the reason for moving to a club that has Shay Given in goal, a back pair formed from Nedum Onuoha/ Tal Ben-Haim and Richard Dunne and 10 strikers for competition, is just not believable on any level.

Man up Tevez, grow a pair. The truth is, 150k a week cannot be turned down, and that won't change when Adebayor and maybe John Terry spout the same bollocks in Arabia blue sometime in the near future.


Nathaniel said...

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Message received, Bigus Dickus. Will begin Operation Binkie forthwith. There will be no contact after this message.

Mike Georger said...

To be fair he did get frozen out at United, and you can't blame him for wanting to actually play.

I believe him 100% when he says he wanted to leave because he wasn't getting played, but signing with City ... not so much believing that part of the decision wasn't influenced by cash and his management's decision making.

Anonymous said...

Frozen out? They offered him a 5 year contract.

Bigus Dickus said...

@Georger. He started 34 games and came from the bench 17 times last season.

Berbatov started 36 and came from the bench in 8 games.

Rooney started 38 games and came from the bench in 9 games.

Tevez got a lot of football and just 4 less starts than Rooney.

Money talks....

EbullientFatalist said...

Can there be a reality show about Citeh next year? Imagine Robinho, Ade, Tevez, AND Terry going out to dinner? Ho. Lee. Shit.

The NY Kid said...

The best part about going out to dinner with EBJT? You get the best parking spots because he ignores handicapped parking signs!

Mike Georger said...

Anyone can make statistics look good, especially when you factor in Carling Cup and Club World Cup games.

Let us look at, oh I don't know, the English Premier League starts.

Berbatov: 29
Rooney: 25
Tevez: 18

Tevez only started half of the games. He clearly was not in Ferguson's first choice team, and if you don't think that had a large part in this decision you're nuts. His first year he started 31 games in the league. Berbatov coming in obviously knocked him down the pecking order. Someone of Tevez' caliber should not be a supersub, he deserves to be starting. Whether someone of his caliber has any business playing for City is a different discussion.

Or look at the Champions League where Tevez only started four games and was not in the starting eleven for the final. Or when Sir Alex fields a B Team for the FA Cup Final and Tevez IS in the XI.

He got pushed out of Ferguson's first choice team last year because of Berbatov, and I don't blame him one bit for wanting to leave. And it isn't like he was breaking a contract, United may have been able to avoid this in the first place if they ponied up the cash in the first place instead of getting him for free.

Mike Georger said...

Put it this way.

Desire to leave: wholly justifiable
Signing for City: $$$$$$$$

Bigus Dickus said...

"Ho. Lee. Shit." Did they sign too?

Georger. No one is saying he was Fergies first choice striker but he started 7 less Prem games than Rooney who IS first choice. All top teams need quality depth. I don't see Hleb or Bojan Krkić at Barca complaining. He played in 47 games for Manchester United last year! Starting 36, regardless of the competition. He moved for the cash. If City weren't in the hunt he would haved signed with United gladly.

Bigus Dickus said...

@Georger. Desire to leave? Sure, If you aren't 'ambitious' and want to play for a team that finished in the bottom half of the Prem last year, a team with no European football. Go and start as many games as you like. But don't claim you are 'ambitious' when you leave the champions of the same league to do so. If he'd joined Chelsea he would have justified being 'ambitious'.

Bigus Dickus said...

@Also Georger. Final point. He will likely play 45 games for Manchester City this year. No more. That's less than he played for the red team in town.

Bigus Dickus said...

@Georger. One last one.

He is third choice at United.

Man City have 10 forwards. (inc Adebayor)

Mike Georger said...

And he is the best one.

That Bojan comparison is bunk. Did Bojan go from starting more games than any other striker his first season with Barca to getting pumped to third (despite not being injured and despite making massive impact when brought in as a sub)? No. He's a kid still.

A better comparison would be when Crouch went from Pool's top choice to getting bumped by Torres. Only difference there being Torres is better than Crouch, and Berbatov is in no way shape or form better than Tevez.

If all he ever cared about was money, why did he sign for West Ham in the first place?

Mike Georger said...


Mike Georger said...

Jesus I cannot believe I'm defending this guy.

Anonymous said...

No one knows why he went to West Ham because it has never been explained properly what Kia does and where the money goes.

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

Didn't he and Mascherano end up at West Ham because Joorabchian and MSI were trying to buy the club?

30f said...

Hulk Hair wanting to go to a place where he can play more makes perfect sense. Thinking that he will get many/any more starts at Man City makes ZERO sense.

City has (or will have) a ton of attacking players and they are, as Bigus said, gonna play many, many fewer games this season than United. If Tevez was pissed he didn't get the start in the CL final last year, I wonder how he'll feel when he realizes his team isn't even IN the CL group stage this season.

I certainly don't fault him for making a move for more money. I don't even fault Tevez (or any player) for making a decision to get a bigger paycheck and then telling the press the choice was made due to 'ambition' or 'feeling comfortable' at the new club. Players always have those BS reasons when we know it is really the money - but what the hell else are they gonna say?!? The media and the fans will rip the player for being dishonest and saying it wasn't the money, but the furor would be much worse if they came out and admitted they wanted more cash. Kind of a no win for the player. I guess he will have to buy himself a couple of new Ferraris to get over the pain.

Bigus Dickus said...

@Georger.'Bunk'? I love that. BUNK.

Geoger said..."If all he ever cared about was money, why did he sign for West Ham in the first place?"

When he came to the Spammers no one had ever heard of him outside of Brazil and Argieland. He was 21 and his agent (Joorabchian) owned him and smelled a pile of cash in the EPL. Kia Joorabchian tried to buy West Ham and thought using Tevez and Mascherano as leverage would help. He was also from England and wanted to be involved in football there. He is still an adviser to West Ham today. His cash cows were within sight also!

The point of all this is that he should own up to signing for the cash. United and Chelsea were on offer and he say's 'ambition'! It's hilarious.

He will play fewer games at Arabia this year than at United last year so you ain't having that as a reason and as for being their best? We will see. I bet he isn;t their top scorer this season and bet he plays no more than 40 games starting less tha he did at United.

Mike Georger said...

"no one had ever heard of him outside of Brazil and Argieland"

Really? I'd heard of him, because he was South Americans POTY three years on the trot before he moved to West Ham.

I'm not disagreeing about his motivations of signing for City, I think you're right. Like I said, I think the reasons he had for leaving United were genuine (and I can't believe the money they offered was too far off what he is getting at City), but he probably should have signed for Chelsea or left England.

Mike Georger said...

Though I sure as shit hadn't heard of Mascherano.

Mike Georger said...

Also why I do I have a sneaking suspicion we will be getting in a drunken argument in Baltimore.

Mike Georger said...

Oh by the way Bigus, are you the 'English James' that I was told about at Keeley's when I asked about the City banner hanging behind the bar? I can't remember your first name but there's an eighty percent chance it's James around these parts it seems.

Bigus Dickus said...

UF only has two James' around these parts fella.

Mike Georger said...

Apostrophes don't make things plural, AND THAT DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION!

Bigus Dickus said...

Oops :) Pardon me.