Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: One more time

Last chance: you can win a book! Simply email us at the address in the sidebar, subject line WAHL to be entered in our random draw for the new Becks book. Drawing tomorrow.

Hey, this is timely! Wahl v. Becks at today's press conference [The Offside Rules]
(Very) Short Q&A with Zizou in Cali [100 Percent Soccer]
Panini stopping production in Germany. Good enough reason for a slideshow [Bild]
Bradley Wright-Phillips to take his handbag stealing act to Plymouth [Eurosport]

Drogba and Bosingwa's bans reduced on appeal [BBC]
Headline win: Nancy boys call off England tour in fear of "swine flu" [Soccernet]
King Kev is not getting old, he swears [The Spoiler]
Danny Szetela to DC United a done deal [Behind the Badge]

There's an easy answer why Guadaloupe are not FIFA members--blame France [World Cup Blog]


The Fan's Attic said...

Here's the same Beckham clip except it has some subtitles and Grant Wahl intro and commentary.

The Fan's Attic said...

Ha. The quiz I linked last night changed the question with two "correct" answers.

I emailed their editors last I will take credit.

Spectator said...

Figures that BWP would end up at Plymouth.... Green scum!!

Keith said...

Also, O'Neill feels bad for having Petrov break Stew Downing, pays 12 million quid for him.

Distin apparently to follow.

machine gooner funk said...

as a gooner i'm a little torn. well not really but consider: ade arrived an underperforming striker from monaco with a reputation for thinking he was better than he was, a sense of entitlement, and lazy. arsene saw throuh all of that and saw potential. when he got to the club titi took him under his wing and when th14 left for barca 2 summers aqo(those same catalan cunts are now trying to take our 2nd skipper from us in 3 years FUCK ALL OF CATALONIA, but i degress) he was given a golden oppurtunity and he took full advantage. its hard to remember given his actions over the last year but in 07/08 his workrate was unbelievable and tireless. it still took him 5 chances to score one, imagine if he had been a more clinical finsher his tally would've been more than the 30 he got, but he worked his ass off on the pitch. he chased, harrassed defenders, and was deadly in the air (had eduardo never gotten injured we'd have won the title that year im convinced of it, eduardo was starting to really play his best ball in an arsenal shirt up until that birmingham game). for whatever reason after that season he truly got a big head and wanted a wage increase and a move to meelan or barca (those fucking cunts, they're relentless). finally he re-signs, gets a wage increase and expected the fans to forget about his flagrant assholery all summer. he then proceeded to sleep walk through the season. he no longer chased, no longer harried defenders for the ball, was casual in possession, and became the offsides king. he's a selfish, ungrateful, greedy, and truly dense player (i mean talking about meelan being interested in you a day before a champion's league semifinal against the holders at old trafford?! really?!) 25 million pounds is a nice return and i hope we go get huntelaar, he's more clinical, better on the ball, is still young, and isnt injury prone (plus he'll probably have a chip on his shoulder after being deemed dispensable by real). part of me (the larger part, i'd say its 85%/15%) is happy to see greedybayor go b/c any striker will score goals with the arsenal's attacking style. however, another part of me (the wee 15%) is scared he'll go back to '07/'08 ade and just terrorize people and score in bunches, just hope he shits the bed when he plays the gunners.

Mike Georger said...

The money he will be making is obscene. Great bit of business by Arsene, imo.

Goat said...

It seems Joe Cole has had an injury setback so we likely won't see him in Baltimore, which may necessitate a change in your banner. Might I suggest "If Ashley Cole wasn't such a cunt, he'd read Unprofessional Foul"?

Magnakai Haaskivi said...

How about "Cheryl Cole climbed the Himalayas and all Ashley got was this lousy banner"?

Mike Georger said...

Hey Carlo, tell Ashley that Cheryl went to the clinic today, and she found out that she has herpes simplex 10, and she thinks he should go check himself out with his physician to make sure everything is fine before things start falling off on the man.

Will that fit on a banner?

Caldwell said...

Really!? Really, Nancy!? You canceled your preseason friendlies for swine flu? The disease that caused minor inconvenience to tens of people months ago? Really?

ü75 said...