Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Any Team Will Do

Seeing as though it's become a bit of a Beckham day around here thanks to his unwitting dominance of the news cycle, there's yet more PR fun from the blonde muppet in the form of comments about the English Premier League.

Basically, he'd play for any English club, having suddenly dropped his self-imposed limit of just Manchester United as being worthy of his presence.

You heard it, Citeh. Save Beckham!

Becks recently touched down in the USA to pick up his trail of enmity and discord from where he left off in the winter, seemingly determined to see out that albatross of a contract currently hung around the neck of his LA Galaxy overlords (though let's be honest; the Galaxy don't control anything).

I mean, he is going to honor that deal, right?

"Never say never. I would definitely consider it.," said Beckham when asked if he would consider playing for another Premier League side. "When I left my heart was in Manchester – I couldn't see myself playing against United. Now I wouldn't rule it out."
Dear oh dear, Becks. So now you're so desperate to depart that you'll accept playing time from any old EPL has-been just to get out of Dodge?

Los Angeles should just sell him now and be done with the matter, unless they like having the rest of the league, nay, the rest of the world, looking at them and laughing hysterically. Becks also says he's patched up his differences with Donovan, but given their respective egos, there's no way a 60-minute chat can undo 2+ years of festering dissatisfaction, dishonesty and disgruntlement.

Still, I'll be watching and liveblogging the trip to NY on Thursday (I was originally set with tickets until our babysitter fell through! Blast!) with great interest to see how they mesh together. My guess is "not very well."


The NY Kid said...

[Ed. Note - Notice that all of today's Beckham content has been provided by LB. He secretly loves him]

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see him try it. Surely he isn't quick enough for England anymore?

Mike Georger said...

If there is any balance to the soccer world, he will end up rotting on Liverpool's bench while Owen rots on United's.

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

Coming soon to Norwich City: DAVID BECKHAM!

Bigus Dickus said...

Yes please pal! Sign im up Gunny.

Surely Davey boy is referring to the next loan period in November when MLS ends again? Besides, there is only so much Pino you can share with Landycakes.

Precious Roy said...

One day and he's already making public pleas in the media for the EPL to come rescue him.

It is true what they say about Hollywood... You're friends are the one who stab you in the front.

Bigus Dickus said...

with a blade made from lamb pizza?

EbullientFatalist said...

David Beckham this, David Beckham that . . . my question: who is David Beckham?

The NY Kid said...

@EF - he's that dude married to Skinny Titty Spice

EbullientFatalist said...

I like Skinny Titty Spice. Ergo, I like this "David Beckham."

30f said...

More and more ol' Bulgeham is making me think of Madonna. Once top of the world, the fading star is doing anything within their power to maintain the attention of the masses, even after their actual performance has slipped a couple notches. Becks even has one key taste-maker (Capello) who is keeping him on the edge of - but not quite IN - relevancy while Madge has 10% (the gheys).

Just in the last couple of days Becks has tiffed with Lando, made an appeal to get scooped up by Bolton, and denied he is shooting an Armani undies ad with Angelina Jolie. Perhaps the goal is to keep our minds off the ugliness on the field of play with the Galaxy.