Thursday, July 16, 2009

**UPDATE** What do you get for the overpaid footballer who has everything?

If you're a Citeh player, you're probably wearing yours right now!

Imagine you're Carlos Tevez, or Gaz Baz. You've just signed an absurd contract in moving to Citeh, new home of all that is evil and wrong with soccer etc etc etc etc, and you're meeting the gold-encrusted Sheikh Mansour whose money is bankrolling your hair gel expenditures.

The Sheikh is a nice man, and as if those cushy pay packets weren't enough, allegedly he's only gone and gotten you all limited edition Franck Muller watches worth 168,000 pounds each!

What a guy! Imagine what he'd buy you for Christmas if he celebrated the holiday.

Allegedly, the entire team was greeted in a fancy, swanky reception in Abu Dhabi, a pit stop before they head to South Africa for some pre-season friendlies in Durban and Polokwane. Staying in the five-star Emirates Palace Hotel, the team got a taste of the good life, although they might want to mail the watches directly home instead of taking them with, amirite?

Not much more to this story other than this being a harbinger of greedier, money-driven times to come (seriously, if Citeh win any kind of trophies this season I'll vomit), although I did like this quote from a "club source".. I'm guessing it's Mark Hughes: "Manchester City's players are now the most pampered on earth, and they were greeted like kings."

If Adebayor and John Terry somehow manage to talk themselves out of the lucre, I'll be absolutely fucking amazed.

**UPDATE** Manchester City claims that The Sun's story is false and will be pursuing legal action against it. In that case, let me just throw an allegedly in here.


Teeknuts said...

Now City are after...David Bentley? The fuck?

Uncle Joey said...

I have a hard time caring about this. They weren't the first, they're just the most recent. Are they taking it to another level? I suppose. But it was the next logical (and inevitable, I might add) step. They're no more "trophy buyers" than Chelsea, Real Madrid, or any other team that pays ridiculous fees for players' services. I like Liverpool. But I'm not going to pretend the purchase of Fernando Torres was any more noble than the purchase of the end, it's all about trying to win trophies and become a global brand.

Anonymous said...

David Bentley is PERFECT for this - he wants money and fame.

I am getting really excited to see how this all ends up once the window closes and Mark Hughes actually has to pick a squad.

Mike Georger said...