Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gold Cup Tin Cup Offer

It's obvious from the teaser that we received that CONCACAF wants a full house for their Gold Cup quarter final matches in Philadelphia this weekend.

How would you go about ensuring the crowd will arrive? I mean, the Phillies are out of town, and nothing else is happening, other than going to the beach and drinking beer while the sprinkler washes over them (it's Philly right?). Let's push those unsure fans over the tipping point by .... giving folks five dollars off of a ticket! (using the secret code "GOLDPASS").

Woo Hoo! Let's Party!

Tickets start at $25 and run up to $75, and they seem to have plenty tickets available at the $75 price from my probing of the ticketmaster site. But you know that no ticket price is really what's listed because the Offical Ticket Sponsor of Unprofessional Foul (tm), Ticketmaster, is involved.

That $5 savings will sure come in handy, after the $10.10 "convenience charge" plus the $3.50 processing fee + $2.50 for the "joy" of printing the tickets out on my printer. That's the "ease" and "convenience" they like to tout. "Ease" and "convenience" should be the name of the fists that show up to pummel us, the consumer, into helpless submission.

We all understand what Pearl Jam went through, though those crazy Seattle idealists felt they could take them down. Ticketmaster is like the La Cosa Nostra of the event world. They get their vig, regardless of what happens. They don't even smile, or give us a reach-around during the transaction.

What else could we spend that $5 on? How much is a beer at Lincoln Field? Maybe that $5 will get you on your way to being inebriated. Or maybe we can 'make it rain' on Landycakes? I mean, they had time out of their practice to fly to Los Angeles to pick up the their award for "best underdog win by a bunch of posers".


The Fan's Attic said...

I hate Ticketmaster.

That is all.

Caldwell said...

Dear President Obama, ticket fees should be limited to 10% of the ticket's face value. Anything more is absolutely a ticket scalping operation. That is all.

Precious Roy said...

I've never understood why someone hasn't gone to various venues and said, "I can design a secure ticketing system that's customized to your seating arrangement."

Ticketmaster is cut out of the deal. The venue keeps any profits from ticketing and the 'fuck you' fees go 'poof.'

Yeah, I know, I'm a fucking idealist.

The Fan's Attic said...

those fees won't be going poof...they'll just go into the venues' pockets.