Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Programming Note: Livebloggery This Evening

The Likely Lad claims he will be liveblogging the Copa Libertadores final this evening. I'm dubious but he asked that we post a note so he can get many more commenters.

Cruzeiro will take on Estudiantes for all the marbles on Fox Sports Espanol. My TV schedule says the match starts 9:00 ET, but TLL says it starts at 8:30 ET. Maybe he was referring to the start time of his liveblog. I don't really know, his English is not very good.


Mike Georger said...

But he speaks so well!

How does this work, is it a tie like the old cup finals? And who is playing? Portugal v Mexico?

The Fan's Attic said...

"Cruzeiro will take on Estudiantes for all the marbles on Fox Sports Espanol."

Mike Georger fails at reading comprehension.

Precious Roy said...

Well, part of it isn't a fail.

Yes, it's a two-legged tie. The first leg in Argentina last week was a 0-0 draw (did we really not cover the first leg?).

So the second leg is indeed for all the marbles. Moreso because there is no away-goals rule in the final. If they are level, they go to extra time, the penalties if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Well, on second thought, at least it's football, right? I think I'll set my DVR.

The Likely Lad said...

My ingerlish may be wanting, but mi espanol es muy... mediocre! that said, ill understand what the bastards are saying, so you want me on that liveblog, you neeed me on the liveblog.

not to mention, there IS NOTHING ELSE TO WATCH!

Mike Georger said...

Hey the second part was a Simpsons reference cock knocker!

Teeknuts said...

I'll kill myself if Portugal doesn't win!