Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UF Marketplace: Landon Donovan

It's the return of the fabled UF Market Place for a special Confederations Cup edition. Feel the excitement!!!

Tomorrow the US takes on world number one, Spain, in one semifinal on the strength of 4 rabbits feet, 3 scarabs, 2 lady bugs and 1 big fat leprechaun in a pot of gold. In other words, the US is incredibly lucky to have advanced beyond the group stages. It has been a team effort in both winning and losing, as always, but the performance of Landon Donovan has been notable for his consistent effort and workrate in the face of the inconsistency of rest of his teammates.

He has, quite simply, outshone the rest of his team.

UF is divided about whether this performance of Donovan has been a good performance or just an average performance amidst a number of below-average performances.

So, has Donovan's performance increased the likelihood of Donovan's desired transfer to Europe, or will he continue to be a big fish in a little pond?


The NY Kid said...

In other news, 3 people are currently high.

corky said...

I asked Greg Seltzer over at No Short Corners about this, and he made a good point. European coaches and GMs have always rated Donovan. They know he was a homesick kid at Leverkusen and in a stupid situation at Bayern. It's just that MLS wants too much for him (Greg mentioned $10 million) whereas most European squads think he's a $5-8 million player.

I think he leaves in the winter (I don't know how to verify, but he will be a free agent soon, I think). I think he'd fit great at Everton, where he's similar to Osman and Pienaar and could even play like Cahill, if need be.

I'm just happy he's showing his class on the world stage. I think Beckham's been in his ear telling him he's too good for MLS, which is about the only damn thing Beckham has done right in America.

The Fan's Attic said...

I agree, MLS will want too much money. But, I think he heads to Europe this summer.

Spectator said...

Agree completely that MLS's valuation is the big hurdle to his move to Europe. I can see Landycakes at Fulham - maybe they could even include Eddie Johnson going back the other way?

Ibracadabra said...

NY Kid - corrected. Those 3 invited over 2 more friends.

Bigus Dickus said...

Not good enough for any league in Europe, failed already, good in MLS and had TWO good games for US in 8 years. He can play in League One, Colaship maybe.

The NY Kid said...

@BD - I think I'm the only US UF author who agrees with you. Everyone else is drinking the Kool-Aid

Bigus Dickus said...

They are drinking methadone! No interest in Europe is there? Every few years he begs for a trial, German suckers say..ok. He sucks and gets sent home. Look people, he played well v Italy and against Egypt. He is coming into his prime but he is not world class nor is he going to play in any league in Europe worth mentioning. Apart from this tourney he scores against Barbados and disappears against better sides.

corky said...

@BD -- OK. I'll bite (kind of).

You're absolutely right about him being a failure 3 times so far in Europe.

However, the situation at Bayern was stupid. JK wanted him to come over and offered him the opportunity. It was a horrible situation since JK was in trouble. Mishandled all the way around.

I think Landon absolutely can contribute to a mid-table team in a the top European leagues as long he is not expected to be the engine. As an attacking winger, I think he'd be extremely useful. His pace, workrate, and passing ability are all quite good.

Right now, I would bet we're not hearing interest since European clubs know his valuation is too high by MLS. Landon is way more valuable to MLS than to European teams. Until MLS gets realistic (or does a favor to Landon), I don't think there will be much movement.

It pains me to defend him since he's been so frustrating with his unwillingness to test himself. But, I really think he might realize that this next move is his last chance. And I really do think Beckham has been in his ear telling him to take advantage of it.

G said...

No drinking of the Kool-Aid in this household.
I'm so very sick of Landon the superstar being crammed down my throat. He's failed in Europe, and why should they chance it a third time when they can mold someone young and fresh? He's not spectacular enough to wash the problems away.
I do hope he continues to have good showings for our national team.

Bigus Dickus said...

@Corky. Ok fella. Listen up. If you think Landon Donovan is expensive and unaffordable to the Premier League/Bundesliga, La Liga in a world of 80 million pound signings, you are either his dad or his fluffer.

One: Klinsman offered him a trial and he sucked. Nothing to do with Klinsman, if he thought LD could cut it and improve his team he would have played him and save his job, but he couldn't risk it as he knew the guy at 29 was still the same lazy fecker he was at 24.

Two: I have bashed this clown for years, lackluster should be tattooed on his forehead, but..Last week in my liveblog I gave him his dues and said he was the best player on the pitch, he was very good, but Corky, you and others spotted a little form in a tournament that really means nada and took it the wrong way. He wants to move? Sure. Putting in some effort? Sure. What will he do when he gets a move? Go back to being Landycakes.

As for being homesick? Grow a pair of balls. Awwww "can't play in Europe because I miss me mamma." That's Donospeak for "I know I am outta my depth, get me the fuck home to a cushty match-up with Toronto FC. I can hide in that one comfortably and maybe I'll get a goal if I feel like playing that day for more than 20 mins"

Sorry Corky, LD stands for Lackluster Dilatory.

I hate to see people living the dream, fuck it up by not applying themselves. Angers me. But now it is far too late for him, he should have applied himself when he was quicker and willing to learn in a better league by better coaches than Bradley and Arena.