Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phil Brown Gets His Comeuppance

Does this man look trustworthy to you?

Remember that whole brouhaha regarding the Hull City v. Arsenal FA Cup match? Remember how Hull City were whinging about Fabregas coming onto the pitch after the match despite not having played, and how they accused him of spitting on assistant manager Brian Horton? Remember how the FA cleared poor maligned Cesc of all wrongdoing?

Yeah, suck it Phil.

The FA has decided that Phil Brown was the one who misbehaved, fining him £2,500 ($4,100) for his comments regarding Mike Riley's officiating of the FA Cup tilt against Arsenal. Brown's most notable comments after the match were not appreciated:

"We've not been beaten by Arsenal; we've been beaten by the referee and the linesman. The game was turned on its head when the referee succumbed to local pressure."

Given the steep nature of this fine, I am not quite sure how Phil will manage to maintain his daily sessions at the tanning bed. He may have to resort to laying on the beach with common folk.


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Be better if it was his comeuponance.

Johnny said...

Live blog?