Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Backpasses: 1000

Get to know Stephen Constantine. Seriously, it's worth the time [Wall Street Journal]
Brian McBride gets a restaurant named after him at Fulham [Fulham FC]
JF Torres may be moving to Spain. In other news, Bob Bradley wants to be hired by Deportivo so he can bench Torres there too [Televisa Deportes]
The Japanese have weird insults [Dirty Tackle]

Jozy's Spanish is--not so good [USA Today]
Bunyodkor, the asshole Uzbeks' super club [SoccerLens]
Ruud wants every Dutchman, except him, to leave Real Madrid [Guardian]

Yes, the first Champions League draw happened today. No, we didn't notice [UEFA]


Mike Georger said...

Most likable USMNT player ever? I think so, loved watching his play for Crew way back when.

Steve said...

definitely most likable.

Eladio said...

The UEFA website also has updated the list of CL participants with their updated coefficients. I have no idea how to make a live link, so you'll have to live with a cut-and-paste.

These coefficients are used when seeding the teams for the group stage draw. I was surprised that Real Madrid and Inter will be 2nd "Pot" teams, and Wolfsburg will probably be a 4th pot team. All 4 England teams (if Arsenal make it through the Play-off round) will be in Pot 1.

Spectator said...

@Eladio: I understand that Platini wants to punish the EPL, but having FC Rubin Kazan and AFC Unirea Urziceni automatically qualify for the group stage but not Arsenal is insane.

Matt said...

Eladio: Thanks for the link. You know who else got punished? Atlético Madrid -- they're not even in España anymore. According to UEFA, they're stuck in Spain.