Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Backpasses: Three seconds of explosive hilarity

James Milner did his best to assure himself the future England captaincy. His PK had the balance of John Terry with the placement of David Beckham. (It's the first one)

Betfair had all of $51 bet on the US at 999-1 to win the Confederations Cup [NYT Goal]
Burnley are already asking to be relegated. Could we see a sub-10 point season? [Dirty Tackle]
Early word on the ESPN World Cup broadcast team [The Big Lead]

Scottish club on the brink of collapse. Unfortunately, it's the epitome of a poorly-run club [Two Hundred Percent]
True Hoop's take on the SiC [True Hoop]
Man City's Felipe Caicedo too black to dine in his own country [Off The Post]
Want to bet on the Confederations Cup final? Look at these stats first [The Spoiler]

At 1.21 PM on this Iran liveblog, there is a call for the US to wear green wristbands in the Final on Sunday. If that's something you can get behind, there is contact information. Sorry about the partisan blog link [HuffPo]


Mike Georger said...

So there's a nasty little rumor going around that Aurelio blew out his knee on vacation and is going to be out until the new year, thus keeping Dossena around. Real funny God, real f'in funny.

Bigus Dickus said...

Enger-lund, Enger-lund, Enger-lund

EbullientFatalist said...

England and The Pennos. Sid and Nancy-esque?

Anonymous said...

Georger, You really think Rafa was counting on Aurelio to stay healthy this season? ;)