Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: A little tease

We'll have our full roundup of the Showdown in Chinatown tomorrow morning. All of the great stuff we did last year, plus video. I haven't seen it yet, I'm salivating.

Torres does his PES shoot. The first pic is not too flattering [Liverpool Reds]
Blind Item: Which EPLer hid his injury to get a new contract? [The Spoiler]
Is wiki vandalism never not fun? [Off The Post]

MyFC is losing membership fast [When Saturday Comes]
Is there a sea change happening on what people think about Landon Donovan? [Match Fit USA]
ESPN setting up new channel in UK for ex-Setanta content [Guardian]

New Chelsea 3rd kit. It's appropriately hideous. Plus, those GK socks! (in the comments) [ONTD_FB]


Mike Georger said...

I fail to see any non flattering pictures of Nando in that link.

(I may be drunk)

Mike Georger said...

Quote from that shitty newspaper about the new United jerseys from a United fan:
"It looks more like a rugby league strip. It also looks a bit American. I've not been a fan of the United kits for years."

Yes, because rugby and American are synonyms. You stupid inbred bastard.