Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tueday Backpasses: I hate Illinois Nazis

Note to self: When starting soccer club in SC, don't invite the KKK to sponsor it. This is the German version [The Spoiler]
Why Setanta failed, in list form [Two Hundred Percent]
Mexico sends B squad to US Invitational [SBI]
$6M will buy you a pretty decent club [NCNB]

Please remember to secure your changing room before the match. Peru, we are looking at you [Guardian]
One smart guy and a buncha maroons [Blog Critics]
Yes, South Africa will have a problem with all of these new stadia [USA Today]
Roman Bednar gets off lightly [BBC]

Vay-kay pics. Includes WAGs. And Mardona [ONTD_FB]

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The NY Kid said...

Man, I really hope that I'm the smart guy. I hate being a maroon.