Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Setanta stock stops trading

It appears as though Setanta's stock has stopped trading in the UK, from the screen capture (courtesy of Bigus Dickus). This makes the coming receivership all that more immediate. We will miss Setanta for attempting to take on the big boys of the EPL, and then not knowing when to fold them.

This doesn't seem to affect the distribution of Setanta in the US, as according to this page, everything is rainbows and puppies. They will still cover their shrinking number of EPL matches, plus some of their other footy-related output from around the Globe.

I don't know where they will be come the fall. Going into receivership will mean either a restructure of debt, or a sell off of assets. Their biggest assets are some of their deals. Now we will see if ESPN or someone else steps up and takes a flyer on their content, now that they can pick it up for pennies on a dollar.

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The Fan's Attic said...

Mortimer, we're ruined.