Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spurs Have Full Summer to Stoke Their Delusional Ways With Alcohol

Who knew that Ledley King would be the catalyst for change at White Hart Lane?

The Spurs center back has caused manager Harry Redknapp to issue a drinking ban for the club:

Footballers should not drink. You shouldn't put diesel in a Ferrari. I know it's hard but they are earning big money, they are role models to kids...

Footballers should dedicate their lives to playing. Managers, however, we can get hammered before we're even out of bed if we want.
Okay, so we embellished that last bit, but 'Arry is serious. How so?

"I'll implement a strong rule next season that drinking is a no-no here," said the Spurs manger.

Wow, that's really laying down the law.

Anyway, this all stems from 'role model' King's recent run in with booze and Johnny Law. King was arrested in the early am hours at a Soho nightclub over the weekend after he used a racial epithet—"a fat Paki fuck"—that sparked a physical altercation with a bouncer.

That was really just the beginning of the fun though. According to cellmates King "cried and sobbed" and "his trousers were down almost to his knees and it was obvious he wet himself." Whoa, whoa. It's bad enough that Spurs pretend to be competitive with their London rivals, but to straight up steal antics from Nick Bendtner, that's crossing a line.

Additionally, witnesses said King both ranted and pleaded with the cops, telling them he earned £83K a week and saying, "Boss man, boss man, I don’t deserve to be here. I’m rich."

Good to see that justice works the same way in Britain as it does in the States.

Anyway, so yeah, no drinky drinky for Spurs next season. At least that's what 'Arry says now. Let's see how it holds up come next season and Spurs begin the season in the relegation zone again. 'Arry might institute mandatory drinking sessions to cope.


Steve said...

Charles Barkley approves.

(word verification - busti. heyo! does Salma run blogger now?)

EbullientFatalist said...

Ledley King's weekends are my slow Tuesday nights.

phil said...

It's cute how Arsenal supporters lash out at Spurs after they once again find out they will end a season by winning fuck-all.

But seriously, I'm thinking that between his inability to train, his inconsistency of late when he's actually on the pitch, and this latest incident--which is Ledders' 3rd or 4th such incident in the past couple years--may well spell the end of his time at Spurs.

Precious Roy said...

Please Phil... I'll take shots at Spurs whether Arsenal win trophies or not. You expect us to go four years without talking shit?

phil said...

Not at all...just so long as you don't expect us to go four years taking it lying down.

How's the crowd at Fearon's been lately for matches? I'm looking for a place that won't be jammed to the gills for the Pool-Spurs year-ender.

Precious Roy said...

They opened early for the Manchester derby. There was one guy in there when I walked in just after kick.

But the bartender had doughnuts for me.

So, in terms of space, it couldn't be any better. They've got like 10 nice screens and plenty of empty seats. If you want people to cheer with, then it's kind of lacking.

phil said...

I don't need a crowd to cheer with. I got my fill of that during our win over Spartak.

I just want to be able to watch the match without having to peer around the 6'-5" Russian who won't stop asking why Pavs isn't in the match. If they're going to be open for Pool-Spurs, I'm there.

Precious Roy said...

What time does it kick? As long as it's not the early match, you should be okay.

phil said...

I believe it's a 10 a.m. start.