Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Backpasses: One day closer to a Millwall beatdown

Dear Millwaaaaaaaaaaa fans--any spelling errors are on me. Those videos are on you lot.

A bad sign for MLS? Two clubs are propping up this season's attendance figures [Soccer Blog]
Bruce Arena is still up a creek without a paddle. Says yellow card fest against Seattle was because of Field Turf [NYT Goal]
Sure, ONTD had the picture of Upson's undies up first, but ladies, Kickette has even more for you [Kickette]
Steve McClaren to Ajax? Really? Is such a thing possible without the world coming to an end? [The Beautiful Game]

You have to wait almost a full minute for the payoff, but it's there. Belgium's Mike Tyson [The Offside]
Try to recreate this in your backyard, I dare you [Dirty Tackle]
Andre Bikey is still crazy [Off The Post]
Academy kids (and oldies at Man U) playing for their clubs this weekend [Daily Mail]

Mexico pulls its teams from the Copa Libertadores over Swine Flu backlash. Maybe if Reynoso hadn't been such a dick [NYT Goal]


EbullientFatalist said...

Philly team to be named "Union." As in, Philadelphia Union. (Will there or will there not be a "the" in front? Who knows?) Good color - navy and gold - and their crest(s) look good. They even have a Latin phrase - Vignite aut Perite - "Join or Die." Kinda an odd demand for Philly to make; isn't it a lose-lose when your options are Philly or death?

Mike Georger said...

That's jungite aut perite, vignite would mean awake or die ... which would still be pretty cool.

Where's your French literature education now bitch!

Mike Georger said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Hold on a minute. I've been trying to figure out this thing and it just struck me, the letters 'J' and 'U' didn't exist in the Latin alphabet. What the fuck is going on here? Why not throw in a 'W' for good measure?

Philadelphia Phail.

Mike Georger said...

Also, before I forget ...

Sanskrit. You're majoring in a 5000 year-old dead language? Get out of my room.

EbullientFatalist said...

Vignite doesn't even seem to mean "awake" in Latin. In fact, I can't find a definition of it. I just suck at quasi-transliteration.

Leave my French lit minor alone!

EbullientFatalist said...

PCU. Classic.

And look, I can't even defend that minor - I figured I could use it in conversation during parties, but then I realized I was living in NC or Florida, and there wouldn't even be parties where Maupassant and Zola were discussed. And then I realized I didn't even want to go to those types of parties anyways. Because you wanted to know.

Mike Georger said...

it would be a conjugation of vigilo, i may be off a letter.

that kind of major is good for one thing, and one thing alone: jeopardy

and in no way am i suggesting that shaping a college education around television game shows is a bad thing. it's really the only use i've squeezed out of seven years thus far, i'm dominant at bar trivia.