Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shadow formerly known as Shevchenko is going home?

Remember Andrei Shevchenko? I do, barely... he was the guy who tore up Serie A with his scoring 127 goals in 208 games for AC Milan (of course, it was the one he didn't score from the penalty spot in Istanbul that I remember best).

Then he hopped on a plane for London, bound in his new role as Roman Abramovich's precocious, coy lover, one whose record-breaking transfer fee seemed like institutionalized money-laundering after one dismal season in Chelsea blue. His time at Stamford Bridge has been, for lack of a better word, utter shit; 9 goals in 47 games, injuries, plenty of time spent on the bench under Mourinho and Grant, and a rather tepid loan move back to the Rossonieri.

His loan is up, and return to the Chelsea reserves appears likely. But wait! Sheva might finally end his misery with a move back to Ukraine, as Dynamo Kiev are seemingly happy to take the 32-year-old striker with less confidence than someone with ADHD trying to take their driving test.

Shevchenko was the butt of every joke while at Chelsea. 31 million pounds down the drain. Oh, how we loved to see him fail.

The video below the jump is a reminder of just how lethal he was before he came to the EPL. I would post a vid of him succeeding in the EPL, but it'd only be 10 seconds long.

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Goat said...

I watched the Arsenal-Chelsea game with a friend who's an, admittedly, newbie soccer and Chelsea fan. When he asked me what happened to Sheva, I honestly couldn't remember where he was.