Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Yes, this is the video I meant to embed

I'm not entirely sure how to follow that up, but here goes. We are always taking submissions for stories to link to. Please send them to the usual email address.

Best Player In The World World Cup has kicked off. Go vote [WAATP?]
More voting! Best Arsenal home shirt from 1969-present [SPAOTP]
New Liverpool away shirt looks like a faded black T [Football Fashion]
And Bayern get the Chelsea breastplate [ONTD_FB]

Daniel Agger lives in a bad neighborhood [Click Liverpool]
Michael Essien has no wife, now quit acting like one [Off The Post]
Current USA U-20 and U-18 rosters [SBI]
Things I wouldn't consider doing: Looking at the MLS CBA [Match Fit USA]
Steven Ireland would fit in well at one of my local trailer parks [Kickette]

Christian Vieri has released his own brand of condoms. Out a bulge in that ol' onion bag [The Spoiler]


Precious Roy said...

Clearly our readers do not understand the power of orgone. Or maybe they are all changelings and are now spooked that we're on to them.

ü75 said...

It's the only possibility.

Goat said...

I always thought Steven Ireland and the Pride of Youngstown, Kelly Pavlik were separated at birth:

With that outfit, it looks like Ireland would fit right in perfectly in Youngstown.

Magnakai Haaskivi said...

I think the new Liverpool kit is badass, incidentally.

Goat said...

MH--It reminds me of the US charcoal-colored kit which I hate.

ü75 said...

See, I;m okay with the US charcoal kit. This one does not work with the sponsor coloration and the little red stripes.